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Maryland Baptist Bible College

The Maryland Baptist Bible College was founded in 1972 to train pastors, missionaries, evangelists, Christian educators, and other full-time Christian workers. The objectives of Maryland Baptist Bible College is to offer a Bible-centered curriculum with a missionary emphasis, to produce students of the Word of God, to provide training that will bring about disciplined lives and build Christian character, and to provide training in sound doctrine in a school which is fundamental, Baptistic, and separated from worldliness.
Courses Offered:
                                                                       HRS      DAY        TIME                  TEACHER  
BI  206   General Epistles                               3       Mon.      6:00-8:25       Wm. Hawley
HI  401   Christians and Government             2       Tues.     6:00-7:35       A. Dickerson
BI  555   Genesis                                             2       Tues.     7:40-9:15       R. Hitchens
TH 101   Theology                                           2       Thurs.    6:00-7:35       J. Cereghin
BI  556   Study of Cults                                   2       Thurs.    7:40-9:15       D. Landers
MI  101  Intro to Missions                               2        Fri.        6:00-7:35       A. Bishop
Saturday, Jan. 11th-9:00 AM-2:00 PM or call for appointment- 410-398-3764
Financial Information:
Application Fee: $10.00              Registration Fee: $20.00
Tuition Fee: $80.00 per credit  Auditing Fee: $35.00 per credit   

Classes Begin-Monday, Jan. 13 -  Semester Ends-Friday, May 1 
CONTACT INFO: Phone Maranatha Baptist Church at 410-398-3764  or Email
                             the Registrar :  mbbcelkton21921@yahoo.com
*"Maryland Baptist Bible College is a religious educational institution operating in the State of Maryland pursuant to an exemption granted by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, without a certificate of approval from the Commission, as specified in the Code of Maryland Regulations 13B.02.04."